My predictions for the Internet

The public-facing Internet became popular due to little things called “Internet Service Providers”, which grew out of three schools, all of whom had access to a higher level of capital that the average worker. Academics, business men, and entres.

Of course, in an anarchist drive to make governments obsolete, business interests have pushed governments to become snoopy spies, by making man-in-the middle surveillance something which is widespread and unregulated.

Why would business interests do this, and doesn’t it harm them?

(There was more here, but I deleted it by accident and haven’t restored it yet. Never-you-mind-that, it was just an unscripted, unedited rant anyhow, and I’ve spent all of my free time for the week, so I will just leave it unfinished and rhetorical for now. Sometime between now and 2016, I will update it one way or another.)

Until then, enjoy everything, and rest well and often.


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