An unexpected success

My youtube channel (Bajan13k) was something I just started on a whim several years ago. I had planned, at the time, to upload  videos of gameplay from when me and my friends would get together on weekends and record some of the fighting games, especially, on VHS tape (for example, look at one of my early videos of Street Figther Alpha, in below-Standard-Definition super lo-fi quality).

During the setup, I on a whim recorded myself playing some games, and all of a sudden I got attention as an “LPer”, but that was not my intention at first, at all. I didn’t even know that was a real-life hobby or even, for some, a full-time job (or at least part of it).

I thought briefly about if I could make it into an income stream, but that is not a realistic aspiration for me. So it remains a hobby, and a low-priority one at that. In general, living quietly is more my thing… I do enjoy working with video, and meeting people with similar interests, so it was nice to meet some people who all have various perspectives on, for example, Revelations:Persona or Street Fighter Alpha 3 as a storytelling medium.

We live in times and places that are rapidly changing, but I would like to point out the obvious that one aspect of your personality is just one part of life. We all need to sleep, and have various other social and personal contexts wherein we interact with other.

Freedom, which we all strive for in some ways, includes freedom to abstain, and right now I really don’t have the resources to push into doing more videos.

So, although I had unexpected success as an early LPer, the real success was in meeting people, and forming friendships. So, thank you, everyone who commented, sent messages, and interacted outside of youtube as well. You helped me to experience the most wonderful parts of the Internet and the wider global community: being able to connect to others, to learn, to communicate, to share positive experiences and for the most part, to grow in many ways.

Moving forwards, there is a lot I would like to do, but between now and 2016, I don’t expect to have the resources to do much visible. If this changes, and I hope it will, then I will update here first, rather than my old blogger or livejournal accounts, to the ill-fated attempts to use facebook or tumblr. Even if I do a full-fledged website, I will likely still keep this URL and site as a more personal side, so that anyone who wishes can contact me. Thanks again, everyone, for your support.

(This is a rough draft, but I have been putting it off for months, so, it may remain unedited for a while until I free up more time. Sorry about that, but please leave a comment here anyhow if you wish, as I am better  and faster at replying to comments or emails than I am at drafting new posts).


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